IT Returns and Tax Planning

Tax Planning is an important aspect of Personal Finance, forming integral part of our savings plans. Interesting is most financial mistakes by Individuals are made during Tax Planning Season and most people fail to assess their tax liability and postpone the tax savings to last minute or they end up paying unnecessary taxes or even go for unnecessary tax savings.

We provide professional and efficient Accounting, Tax Planning, Direct and Indirect Taxes services. MVC extends in tax planning optimization by assessing your tax liability thoroughly, bringing out a comprehensive assessment of all tax related calculations and provisions in form of rent, provident fund, and insurances, etc.

We help you assess the impact of tax savings on your available surplus along with evaluating all your tax saving investments based on the merit.

Manoj Vatsal & Co. handles tax audits and provident fund audits and also acts as investment advisory to the above. Legal guidance in taxation is duly provided.

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We also provide Pay-for-Use option for:
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