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No need to visit Registrar Office for Trademarks, Copyrights, Licenses and other business and branding related tasks. We provide easy, quick economical and efficient solution for the registration and complete processes involved for the Trademarks, Copyrights, Licenses, Patents, Intellectual Property Rights, and other business – branding related tasks.

Indian Trademark Registry classifies trademarks in 45 classes. These classes are defined according to respective type of goods and services. Registering in the relevant class(es) helps the company protect its interests and not allow any other competitors to infringe on its Intellectual Property. Classes 1 to 34 define different goods, while classes 35 to 45 define different services.

MVC can register a logo, word, name, device, label, numerals and taglines according to the trademark law if it is graphically plottable and definite. Preceded by a complete consultation, the Drafting and Filing works for Trademark and Copyright, etc. are done by experts.

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