Company Formation and Setup

We provide professional and reliable services for setting up Proprietorship, Partnership, LLP, LLC, Private Limited, Limited and other various kind of companies anywhere in India with all statutory, legal, compliance procedures properly furnished.

Advantage of MVC Services is that, we not only accomplish the successful setups at reasonable charges, but also lend our hand in providing appropriate guidance thereafter. MVC provides its services for setting up a company at locations across India.

One-person companies, private companies or public companies can be formed in India under the New Companies Act, 2013 which sets down rules and regulations for the establishment of these companies.

Preparation and submission of Company formation documents at prescribed office is an essential and crucial part in the procedure. A company in India is formed by registering the Articles and Memorandum of Association with the State Registrar of Companies of the state in which the main office is to be located.

Foreign Companies

Foreign companies engaged in trading and manufacturing activities abroad are permitted by the Reserve Bank of India to open branch offices in India for the purpose of carrying the following activities in India:

  • To represent the parent company or other foreign companies in various matters in India.
  • To conduct the research work in which the parent company is engaged offered the results of the research work are made available to Indian companies.
  • To undertake import and export trading activities.
  • To promote possible financial and technical collaboration between Indian companies and overseas companies.
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