Audit Services Haldwani Nainital Uttarakhand

The firm provides an array of services including audit, taxation and investment matters to its clients comprising of banks, hotels, educational & charitable institutions, societies & N.G.O’s, professionals and small commercial organizations.

We are engaged in offering various types of auditing and chartered accounting services. We perform tax audit, statutory audit, income & expenditure audit and bank audit for all types of sector. We are the pioneer in region who are able to render a perfect solution addressing major issues that can be hurdle in your progress path. Let’s take a brief tour to various types of audit:

Statutory Audit: Statutory audit is done as per the Direction/ Notification by the Govt from time to time firm, profession and corporate. Statutory audit is necessary for the organizations whose annual sale is more then Rs. 40,00,000 and Rs 10 Lakhs for profession and also for corporate and non-profit organization and this auditing after checking all the financial statement by the expert. Our expert auditor performs this task for you in the best manner to make you stress free.

Internal Audit: Internal audit is an independent appraisal procedure conducted by the professional expert. It ensures the effectiveness of internal administrative and accounting control. The main aim of internal audit is to measure the accuracy and cost of work with the quality management system.

Tax Audit: We offer effective tax auditing to our valuable clients. We serve expert advice related to tax auditing for corporate organization, retirement and estate planning and trust returns. You will get timely tax newsletter and updates from us. We keep ourselves timely updated and strong headed in the assessments of the documents.

Stock Audit: Stock audit means verification of physical unit lay down in the stock register. Stock audit is the service which is from us as it is provided by us is early.

Bank Audit: Bank audit is required by R.B.I because its commercial banking whose main motive is to increase profit. This auditing is helpful in regulating and maintaining the condition of market. The conduct Statutory, Internal Concurrent, Revenue, Stock and Share Audit Of Schedules And Co-Operative Banks.

Cost Audit: Cost audit is verification of costing record for knowing about the accuracy of the cost account, cost statement, cost report and cost data. This auditing is very essential for knowing the exact position of the organization’s cost sheet and financial situation.

Audit of Insurance: Audit of insurance is regulated by I.R.D.A (Insurance regulatory and Development Authority). In this the person makes the investment for protecting the money.