Requesting your indulgence


Dear esteemed Patrons, Greetings of the Day!

Year 2020 with greater tests and challenges globally. We are confident that our Business Continuity Plans will enable us to maintain our high level of service quality for clients. Apparently, we are requesting your indulgence for any delay in Services.

At this time it is natural for all businesses to look at their key supply chain and seek to ensure continuity of service. We have done this. MVC is a multi-office operation with agile working built-in, so the service that we are already providing comes from offices and homes. If we have any disruption to our ability to work from any of our offices, perhaps due to a travel ban, we can continue from homes and you should not notice a different level of service.

We have already built in a programme of deep office cleans, to help minimize the risk to our staff, and all offices and meeting rooms have hand sanitizer available. We are also reviewing clients’ business disruption insurance policies and can assist with that if you wish.

Naturally, the risks and challenges that businesses face are constantly evolving and that is particularly the case with the current position regarding coronavirus/Covid 19. As such, we have been regularly reviewing the position to ensure that we have the ability to maintain operations in support of our clients; whilst also ensuring the well-being of our staff. We are confident in our BCP and do not anticipate any issues in continuing to provide clients with our services

In particular, our planning contains the following:

Provision for our staff to work in an agile manner – we support agile working via the provision of technology which enables our staff to work in any location. Indeed, many of our staff already work from multiple locations as part of their normal working pattern and we are continuing to implement tools and solutions that further assist this style of working

Support for physical processes should travel, or other, limitations impact upon access to our primary site – we control access to our primary site and have multiple individuals capable of accessing/managing the site should any travel limitations occur. As a result of the options available to us we will be able to maintain access to required documents and files, as well as the ability to receive and send out documentation. In addition, we have specific processes in place to ensure that the progression or completion of matters should not be disrupted by access limitations

Focus on maintaining good communication links with our clients – everyone will be impacted by the current concerns and it is imperative that clients know that they have access to the individuals who are looking after their matters. We are encouraging staff to ensure our clients have the contact details of the key individuals who are supporting their matters

Assurance of our staff’s well-being: We are following Public Health England’s guidelines and helping our staff to remain informed about actions we are taking, as well as providing them with advice for their well-being.

We are, naturally, keeping our BCP under regular review and will adapt it as required. At all times we will be ensuring that we maintain our high level of service quality and ensure the well-being of our staff.

There may be some unintended delays, new Customer Service personnel attending to your requests that may have bought in some degree of anxiety and uncustomary delays in compliance. We request your indulgence since we are also treading uncharted territory.

We are here to stand with you in these anxious and uncertain times! Please stay safe !

With good wishes,